Tangent Comics/Wonder Woman

    (DC, 1998)
™ and © DC Comics

Nothing in the Tangent Universe is the same as the regular DC Universe but the names.

In this first installment of DC's second run of comics set in the Tangent Universe in 1998, writer Peter David milks Wonder Woman’s name for all it's worth. It's not just her name, it's her power, and as she wonders about the fundamentals of reality, she can change them. She thinks, therefore you aren't, and never were, if she wonders whether you belong and decides you don't. Meant to reunite the opposite sexes of her world, who have evolved to embody opposite philosophical extremes, she may end up tearing apart the world of Tangent.

— David Wright

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Alternate universe; One-shotPeter DavidAngel Unzueta