Iron Man: Bad Blood

 IMBB   (Marvel, 2000)

ô and ©2000 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Justin Hammer has been trying to destroy his most prominent competitor, industrialist Tony Stark, for years. Now, in a final effort, his schemes could end the careers of both Stark and his alter ego Iron Man.

His body infected with tainted cells that have altered his entire personality, the armored Avenger has become increasingly more violent and unpredictable. Although criminals mostly feel the brunt of his aggression, it isnít long before those closest to him also become endangered. For even as a possible cure for his condition is discovered, Iron Man, in a fit of uncontrolled rage, beats his best friend Jim Rhodes to the brink of death.

Further complicating the situation, Hammer has stolen Starkís newest prototype armor. So even if Iron Man manages to survive long enough to confront Hammer, heíll have to face a group of bodyguards in armor technologically superior to his own.

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 Bob Layton, David Michelinie, Chris GiarrussoBob Layton, Chris Giarrusso


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