(Antarctic, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Antarctic Press

Una Juuratto is a rebel fighter in a world gone mad. The strange phenomenon known only as “weirdfall” has disrupted the laws of physics, creating havoc across the planet. Technological devices are useless—or worse—function in unpredictable and dangerous ways. Domesticated animals change randomly into monsters or humanoid lechers. Zombies walk the streets seeking to eat the brains of the living. Inanimate objects change their structures without warning, a piece of clothing one moment becoming a coil of rope the next. And on top of it all, intangible alien parasites, known as “Hatters,” ride around on the heads of their human hosts, using their strange powers and weirdfall affinity to slowly conquer the planet.

It is in this warped reality that Una lives and fights. With her lover, Murphy, she survives weirdfall by whatever means necessary, with the ultimate goal of ridding the world of its Hatter invaders.

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