Wolverine: Rahne of Terra

 WROT   (Marvel, 1991)

and 1991 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Rahne of Terra is the story of a girl trapped between two worlds. On our world, Rahne Sinclair, member of the New Mutants, is a raving maniac. She claims to be a princess from a world reminiscent of a sword and sorcery fantasy. Her teammates think her insane, but the world she speaks of actually exists.

On that world, a princess named Rain bears a striking resemblance to Rahne. On this world, princess Rain is the pawn of a powerful wizard and is destined to die on the eve of her ascension. Yet one thing may save her: Wolverine is at loose in this fantasy realm, unleashing his bestial fury on all those who stand between him and his goal of saving Rahne/Rain.

This graphic novel was one of a trio of related action/fantasy novels joining Wolverine and the New Mutants.

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NN; Prestige formatPeter DavidAndy Kubert