Conan: Scarlet Sword

 COSS   (Marvel, 1998-1999)

™ and ©1998 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Three thousand years ago, the fierce warrior Thun’da of the evil Acheron Empire succumbed to the Stygian hordes. Thun’da wielded a crimson sword which was cursed to kill anyone whose blood it tasted. Now it has been unearthed by a venal nobleman who became possessed by Thun’da’s vengeful spirit and summarily killed his entire family, except for his beautiful daughter who escapes with a flesh wound. Days later, still being pursued by her ensorcelled father, she encounters Conan who saves damsels in distress on a regular basis. But when Conan sustains a cut from the enchanted blade, he becomes the next target of the cursed sword.

Premier Conan scribe, Roy Thomas returns to the character that started the sword-and-sorcery craze in the 1970s in this three-issue mini-series. Stefano Raffaele who drew a previous Conan mini-series, Conan: The Lord of the Spiders, also reprises his artistic duties.

— George Haberberger

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Gatefold summaryRoy ThomasStefano Raffaele


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Gatefold summaryRoy ThomasStefano Raffaele


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Final issueRoy ThomasStefano Raffaele, Ralph Cabrera