Miss Fury (Avalon)

    (Avalon, 2000)
™ and © Avalon Comics Group

On the night of a masquerade, Marla Drake decides to wear a black, leopard skin costume given to her by her uncle and once worn by an African witch doctor. Soon, a chance encounter with an escaped criminal forces Marla to spring into action changing her life forever as she becomes the costumed crime fighter, Miss Fury. Marla Drake leads a life of wealth and adventure, and readers will notice her costume bears a striking resemblance to Catwoman’s costume.

Tarpe Mills, one of the first female comic book artists, created Miss Fury and her costumed heroine enjoyed a lengthy syndication from 1941-1952. Timely even reprinted the strip beginning in 1942, long before ACG decided to reprint the strip in 2000. In 1991, Adventure Comics published a four issue Miss Fury mini-series in which Marla Drake’s granddaughter, Marlene, dawns her grandmother’s legendary costume to fight crime.

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