Beelza Bob

    (Comics Conspiracy, 2003)
ô and © Comics Conspiracy

Remember the line in Beetlejuice about civil servants in Hell? Well, here they are!

Beelza Bob works for Eternal Mortgage, cutting deals with people in exchange for their souls. At home, he relaxes with wife Azmo Doris and the kids, Muffy Stopheles and B. Lyle. But souls are getting redeemed. Could it be the Second you know what of you know who? (Thatís a pretty scary thought for a demon.)

Itís a clever concept that doesnít take itself too seriously. (When the main character is a middle-aged demon in a shirt and tie, how serious could it get?) Some readers may not appreciate Jesus as a frivolous comics character, especially when he says that even God is not perfect, but at least He is treated with respect, something that other comics have occasionally thrown out the window.

The story is fun, the art is fun, and even the charactersí names are fun. Itís just a fun comic book. The only real quibble (aside from the possibility that Jesus-as-character may offend readersí sensibilities) is that there is gratuitous bad language. Itís unnecessary and it doesnít advance the plot. One shouldnít feel obligated to curse just because one can.

ó Jack Abramowitz

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