Savage Henry: Puppet Trap

    (Aeon, 2004)
™ and © Aeon

Writer, artist and alternative music maven Matt Howarth has worked in sequential art for three decades; his best–known title is arguably Those Annoying Post Bros., but the “Bugtown” universe those fine fellows live in includes many other notable characters. One of them is Henry Savej (a.k.a. Savage Henry), front man of Bugtown’s most popular “insect rock” band, the Bulldaggers. Featured in his own series from 1987 to 1994, he and the misanthropic Monsieur Boche return here in a jaunt to the alternate reality of Lysurgia, where they plan to meet up with real–life musician Conrad Schnitzler (in one of many such cameos in Howarth’s work) as surprise guests at a music festival. Unfortunately, when they arrive, they find that Conrad is missing, the festival has been cancelled, and everyone they meet (apart for some run–of–the–mill talking sky creatures) seems to be a hand puppet. As they try to find their friend, Henry and Boche don't realize that the dark power behind the situation is drawing them near—or that the fanatic forces of WHACO (We Hate All Creative Organisms) are hot on their trail.

— Joe Trela

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