Mad About the Mob

 MATL   (E.C., 2002)

™ and © William M. Gaines, Agent

Pulled from the pages of MAD Magazine, MAD About the Mob features a collection of the best mob-related material ever published over the course of the magazine’s lifetime. This collection showcases MAD’s unique spin on organized crime, from parodies of movies including The Godfather and The Untouchables, to television series like The Sopranos, to helpful pieces such as articles on how to “Bluff a Mugger” and “The Criminal’s Yellow Pages”. And true to form, no MAD collection would be complete without a few of the famous MAD Magazine Fold-Ins. Written by “The Usual Gang of Idiots”, MAD About the Mob never fails to deliver on laughs.

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 Joel Siegel, The Usual Gang of Idiots, Larry Siegel, J. Michael Shade, D. Edwing, Josh Gordon, E. Nelson BridwellThe Usual Gang of Idiots