Dark Ages

    (Alternate Concepts, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Alternate Concepts

Dark Ages is a sword and sorcery anthology published in 1998 by Alternate Concepts (better known for their spoofs Legion of Stupid Heroes and Legion of Stupid Knights.

Many of the old “Stupid Knights” crew reappear here, albeit in more serious form. The first issue includes “Swords in Charahand,” an adventure piece by Richard Tomasic; Scot the Marauder by Art Linc Polderman; and Thunder by John R.G. Barrett and Marty Webber. Johnny Lauck’s humorous “Stupid Knights” also appears to lighten the mood.

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 John Barrett, Johnny Lauck, Linc Polderman, Richard TomasicEarl Green, Linc Polderman, Marty Webber, Richard Tomasic