Daemon Mask

    (Amazing, 1987)
and 1987 Stuart Hope & Russ Martin

When adventurer Lyle Courtland donned a mask he found in a South American jungle, he became the Whisper, a bulletproof demon who metes out justice with his twin.45-caliber guns. While investigating a series of grisly murders in Paris, Lyle discovered mad scientists plotting to destroy the Louvre. When the scheme backfires and Paris is vaporized, the Whisper carries out a personal vendetta to stop the madmen from destroying the world.

This is a one-shot graphic novella encompassing 32 pages of gun-blazing action. Written and drawn in a gruff, golden-age style, Daemon Mask is a reflection of its pulp-fiction counterparts with its the Shadow-like storyline and two-fisted action.

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 Stuart HopenRuss Martin