Beast Boy

 BEAB   (DC, 2000)

™ and © 2000 DC Comics

Having served as a member of both the original Doom Patrol and The New Teen Titans, Garfield Logan—a.k.a. Beast Boy a.k.a. Changeling—is no stranger to trouble. However, when it looks as though he’s responsible for a gruesome murder, Gar doesn’t know where to turn in this limited series from writers Geoff Johns (JSA, Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.) and Ben Raab (Union Jack) and artist Justiano (Titans). Will Gar stay ahead of the cops and bring the real killer to justice? Will his former teammates Nightwing and Flamebird be forced to bring him down? There’s action a-plenty and a mystery to be solved in this one!

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Origin of Beast Boy (Gar Logan)Ben Raab, Geoff JohnsJustiniano


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 Ben Raab, Geoff JohnsJustiniano


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 Ben Raab, Geoff JohnsJustiniano


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Versus GeminiBen Raab, Geoff JohnsJustiniano