(Gauntlet, 1993)
and 1993 Reginald Chaney and Brent Dorian Carpenter

Myriad characters and situations are introduced in this title which serves to relaunch a storyline begun in 1982 in a title named Tekq. Due to the precarious nature of small-press economics, it took writer Brent Dorian Carpenter ten years to try again.

Costumed combatants, Predator (of U.N. Force) and Masterspy, challenge one another at a contract killing in Chicago. A man is subjected to an experiment that left thirty-two previous subjects dead and disfigured. A tribe of Native Americans is psychically attacked and rendered unconscious. And uniformed men disrupt a scientific demonstration, killing many of the spectators.

Two incredibly depraved businessmen, using employees as pawns in a macabre chess game, connect these four incidents of assassination, murder, and brutal experimentation. But their arrogance may be crushed by the arrival of a sentient energy-being whose power dwarfs theirs.

George Haberberger

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Wraparound cover; ca. 1993Brent Dorian CarpenterGeorges Jeanty