THUQ   (Atlantis, 2005)

ô and ©2005 Bill Galvan

Eric Siegel is a conscientious, hard-working designer employed by a high tech weapons company named Skytech. His boss, Nikos Ikaros, contracted with a mysterious group to create an armored personal combat system. The money was good, so Ikaros didnít ask many questions. But when his young granddaughter gets accidentally killed in a clash between the police and a heavily armed band of terrorists, Ikaros realizes that he is part of the problem. On the night he asks Eric Siegel to help him dismantle the flying battlesuit and destroy the plans, associates of the prospective buyers arrive to take possession of their property. The buyers have had no change of heart and demonstrate their resolve by shooting Ikaros and kidnapping his assistant, Amanda Trese. Now itís up to Eric to save Amanda and stop the terrorists. Good thing he didnít get around to destroying that battlesuit.

The concept of this title is similar to a myriad of flying armored characters, most notably, Iron Man. The writing is competent and conventional, and the art bolsters the narrative with clean, enticing art.

ó George Haberberger

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