One Mile Up

 ONMU   (Eclipse, 1991-1992)

®Eclipse Enterprises. Story ©1991 Fred Schiller. Art ©1991 Shepherd Hendrix

One Mile Up is a space soap opera featuring Federation troopers Mera and Gwen. Mera is the daughter of a powerful member of the Federation Council, who gave up a life of privilege in order to trade it for one of adventure. Gwen is her friend, a rookie in the force who’s having trouble dealing with actual combat.

The Trooper’s mission is to safeguard the galaxy against all threats to the peace. Of late, the worst threat has been Halnost, leader of the Delphi Pirates. Halnost has been leading his barbaric (and often comical) crew on a series of raids on Federation mining colonies. It’s up to Mera and the rookies of the starship Triggerhead to put an end to his menace.

Although originally slated for five issues, this 1991 manga series apparently lasted for only two.

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