The Cat

    (Marvel, 1972-1973)
™ and ©1972 Marvel Entertainment Group

Greer Grant was a promising biology student when she married policeman Bill Nelson. When Bill was killed she decided to go back to work, and wound up assisting in the lab of an old colleague, Dr. Tumolo. Tumolo’s work was an experimental treatment to perfect the mental and physical powers of women. Although they were supposed to conduct the experiments solely on a previously chosen subject, Dr. Tumolo and Greer agreed to subject Greer to the same treatments to see what would develop.

Greer found herself gaining an amazing mechanical and mental aptitude, as well as increased strength and agility. When Dr. Tumolo was killed, and her work was perverted by a criminal madman, Greer took on the role of the Cat to avenge her death. This, her first series, tells of the Cat’s early days, before she (as Tigra) became a member of the West Coast Avengers.

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1st appearance of Cat (Greer Grant); Origin of Cat (Greer Grant)Linda Fite, Roy ThomasMarie Severin


9 copies available from $9.50
Versus the OwlLinda FiteMarie Severin


6 copies available from $4.25
Versus Commander Kraken; Frank Miller L.O.C.Linda Fite, Frank MillerPaty Greer, Bill Everett


5 copies available from $4.25
Versus Man-Bull; Reprint from X-Men (1st Series) #57Linda Fite, Jim StarlinAlan Weiss, Jim Starlin, Werner Roth