Power Lords

    (DC, 1983–1984)
™ and ©1983 Strongim/Mayim Intl.

Adam, Shaya, and the diminutive Sydot are the Power Lords. These three heroes are the sole force of resistance that can prevent the evil Extraterrestrial Alliance from enslaving the entire galaxy. The task sounds impossible, but the heroes are not without their resources. Their leader, Adam can change himself to a blue-skinned form which is capable of star flight, and he can break space ships apart with his bare hands. Shaya, his princess, uses great courage to bring the battle to the enemy. And Sydot…well, he’s there mostly for comic relief.

The Power Lords were derived from a popular line of action figures. This three-issue mini-series brings their exploits to comics and matches them against their greatest enemy: the monstrous Arkus, leader of the Extraterrestrial Alliance.

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