Batman: Orpheus Rising

    (DC, 2001-2002)
™ and ©2001 DC Comics

Gotham City, once shaken and razed by a series of earthquakes (detailed in various Batman titles tied in by the Cataclysm story arc), is being shaken again at its very foundation—this time not its buildings, only its citizenry. Something—or someone—is stirring fear throughout the megalopolis. The criminal underworld is up in arms, police officers are being killed, gang violence and civil unrest are on the rise and amongst it all…a new costumed figure has appeared on the scene.

Just who is the one called Orpheus? Is he truly a phantom? Is he only an amateur crusader seeking territory in Gotham? Or is he something more dangerous? The Batman will find out!

This is a five issue mini-series—another full color mystery-laced, action-packed tale of the Dark Knight, written by Alex Simmons, illustrated by Dwayne Turner and Danny Miki.

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1st appearance OrpheusAlex SimmonsDwayne Turner

#1 Variation A

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1st appearance of Orpheus; Dynamic Forces Alex Simmons signed variantAlex SimmonsDwayne Turner


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 Alex SimmonsDwayne Turner


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 Alex SimmonsDwayne Turner


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 Alex SimmonsDwayne Turner


10 copies available from $1.00
 Alex SimmonsDwayne Turner