Tank Girl Movie Adaptation

    (Vertigo, 1995)
ô and ©1995 United Artist Pictures, Inc.

The movie Tank Girl, starring Lori Petty, stuck pretty close to her comic book roots in Britainís Deadline. The movie adaptation stuck pretty close to the movie. Therefore, the movie adaptation is pretty much like the comic.

The Planet is a post-apocalyptic wasteland controlled by the Office of Power and Water which is controlled by an extremely mean man named Kesslees, which means that the world is controlled by Kesslees.

Nobody controls Tank Girl, who controls the Tank which is aimed at the Office of Power and Water. But Tank Girl canít defeat Kesslees by herself. Sheís going to need the help of the Kangaroo creatures called Rippers. So the Rippers and Tank Girl attack the tyrannical Kesslees. Looks like the world isnít going to be ruled by Kesslees anymore.Ö

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