Crimebuster (Avalon)

    (Avalon, 2000)
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There’s Chester Gould’s classic rendition of his square-jawed, straight-laced, police detective Dick Tracy—and then there’s the versions done by guys who just write and draw like him. These 1980s strips, by Dick Locher and Max Collins, manage to capture the action, drama, and humor of Gould’s character without much difficulty. A typical adventure has the detective investigating a friend’s financial investor, named (in classic Tracy style) Uppward Lee-Mobile, who claims he can return a 40 percent return on an investment. Sounds great, but will the investor himself survive to collect? Fortunately the man in the yellow slouch hat and trenchcoat is on the scene to investigate.

ACG Comics, which in another series reprints the Gould classics, has collected and reprinted these daily strips here in black-and-white. A variety of backup features are also included.

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