Neon City: After the Fall

 NCAF   (Innovation, 1992)

™ and © 1992 The Innovative Corporation

It’s a hundred years into the future, and there’s been a nuclear war—but unlike many such futuristic comic book worlds, this is not a bleak apocalypse. In fact, the future is a shining, gleaming place, with flying cars, vast technological advances including artificial beings known as “dupes,” and interestingly enough, many of the same problems and concerns faced today. One difference is that the cops and criminals (the series’ primary focus) have more powerful weapons, and many of the characters bear a striking resemblance to film stars like Humphrey Bogart and the Marx Brothers. All Detective Johnny Knight can do is his job as best he can, while avoiding the distractions of his beautiful partner, Cynthia.

Witty, clever, and filled with visual film and pop culture references, this Innovation mini-series by Nick Anastasio and Joseph Dunn is entirely done on computer in black-and-white and is visually striking.

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