Snack Bar

 SNAB   (Big Town, 1999)

™ and ©1999 Marc Bilgrey

Apparently writer/artist Marc Bilgrey couldn’t decide whether he wanted to write for comics or television, so he decided to channel his efforts into one project. Snack Bar is his attempt to present a TV sketch-comedy show in a comic book format. The “show” is hosted by dimwitted emcee Ferd Flern and his lethargic sidekick. Some of the better sketches include a look behind the scenes at an independent comic publisher, life at the comic book shop, and some reminders about what childhood is really like. Funnier than the bits themselves are the characters Bilgrey introduces for the book, like Otto the obsessive compulsive; Mr. Paranoid; Arnold and Anita, the intergalactic tourists; and the Artistic Couple, Sammy Surrealist and Carol the Cubist.

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