October Yen

    (Antarctic, 1996)
™ and © 1996 Antarctic Press

Known for its exploration in American manga, Antarctic Press strikes again with the three-issue limited series October Yen. While telling an epic science fiction tale, the black and white series (written and illustrated by first timer Brandon Graham) wreaks of juvenile artwork, coming across more like a fanboy’s dream rather than a seasoned book from a veteran publisher.

October Yen takes place in Earth’s distant future. The large mega-company known as the Howe Corporation governs the planet, while two different alien species (Anladores—cat-like humanoids—and Hket—living machines) have made this world their home. An alien terrorist organization known as P.A.T. fights against the Howe Corp., but not quite how one would think. They actually have Earth’s—and the universe’s—best interests in mind. To that end, the Hket known as Bob fights to stop the Auks (aliens in cahoots with the Howe Corp.) from destroying numerous pocket worlds before the ramifications ripple dangerously through the rest of the universe.

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