(Atlas, 1975)
and 1975 Atlas Comics, published by Seaboard Periodicals, Inc.

John Targitt is a special agent for the FBI. His family had gone ahead on vacation, while he stayed behind for a few days to catch up on work. Little did he know that the same plane that carried his family also held a mob boss whom many would like to see eliminated. As Targitt watched, the plane rose into the sky, then abruptly exploded, killing all aboard.

Targitt had not even left the airport before he had been attacked by one of the thugs who bombed the plane. He overpowered the attacker, then began tracking the people who had been responsible for the death of his family. All the while, the thugs seemed to keep one step ahead of him, causing Targitt to suspect his own boss of betraying him.

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Origin of TargittRic MeyersHoward Nostrand


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 Gabriel Levy, Ric MeyersHoward Nostrand


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 Gerry Conway, Ric MeyersHoward Nostrand