BZKN   (Marvel, 2001-2002)

™ and ©2001 Marvel Characters, Inc.

The immortal Ulysses Bloodstone is immortal no longer. Word reaches his estranged wife and daughter that Bloodstone is dead and his vast holdings—including a very cool and mysterious mansion—have been left to them. But Bloodstone has left behind more than a house, as his daughter Elsa discovers on her first night there. For in addition to a bizarre collection of servants, Elsa also gets introduced to her destiny—a powerful and mysterious Bloodstone of her very own. In less time than it takes to tell, this beautiful young woman finds herself whisked from the mansion and planted knee-deep in the same brand of weird mysteries her father was always trying to solve. Writing team Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning breathe new life into one of Marvel’s lesser franchises with a blend of humor and adventure that makes the new Bloodstone infinitely more appealing than the old one.

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1st appearance of NosferatuDan Abnett, Andy LanningMichael Lopez


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 Dan Abnett, Andy LanningMichael Lopez


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 Dan Abnett, Andy LanningMichael Lopez


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 Dan Abnett, Andy LanningMichael Lopez, Scott Hanna