Cadaver (Vol. 2)

 CAD2   (Boneyard, 1994)

and 1994 Boneyard Press

If your particular obsession is incredibly graphic depictions of disembowelments, eviscerations and amputations, this title from the infamous Boneyard Press will send you into an emotional rapture. However, anyone falling short of that hopefully limited group should be repulsed by these disturbing images.

Stephen Bissett makes a strong argument in his editorial concerning the frightening trend of blaming the creators of fiction for the actions of individuals committing real-world atrocities. It is a diatribe against the creed of political correctness. His point is valid, but undercut by the sheer amateurish quality of these stories, which exist solely to provide grisly scenarios for illustration.

George Haberberger

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 Stephen R. Bissette, T. TylerS. Clay Wilson, B. Moore, T. Tyler, Jeff Gaither