Crime Pays

 CRIP   (Boneyard, 1996-1997)

™ and © 1997 Hart D. Fisher

Pulp fiction? Essentially, as this anthology of hardboiled short stories features hard-bitten and dangerous men, violent and loose-moraled women, and healthy (or unhealthy) doses of sex, violence, and other nastiness in the seamy underbelly of the big city. The stories themselves might best be described as risqué. Yarns include an angry monster by the name of Bill the Bull going into a gay bar to have a drink, and a female vigilante in S&M lingerie —Babylon Crush—taking out some ultra-violence on a gang of would-be rapists. If you’re looking for some semi-senseless fighting and death, you’ll find it here.

The series features a variety of artists, with some covers by Michael Bair and others photo variants—nude, of course. Primarily written by Hart D. Fisher, the outspoken Boneyard Press publisher in black-and-white.

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Adult; B&w anthologyHartD. Fisher, GaryFrancisJohn Hebert, Ted Smith, Dan Preece, Jason Morgan


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AdultHart FisherJay Bruce Bogle, Sean Pchanko