Fun Comics (Bill Black’s…)

 FCBB   (AC, 1982-1983)

™ Americomics, © AC Comics

This series from Bill Black’s AC Comics recalls comics’ Golden and Silver Ages with such barrel-chested, milk-swilling stalwarts as Commando D and Captain Paragon, as well as the “good girl art” on such lovelies as Nightfall (formerly Phantom Lady) and Stardust. This series lasted four issues, the first three of which were black-and-white fanzines and the fourth of which was a full-color standard comic book. Anyone who loves comics and their history should check out this and other AC titles!

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1 copy available for $69.99
Magazine format; B&W; ca. 1980Bill BlackBill Black


No copies available
B&w magazine format; ca. 1982Bill BlackBill Black, John Byrne


1 copy available for $24.99
B&w magazine format; ca. 1982Bill Black, Bob Cosgrove, Ben SmithBill Black, Mike Machlan, Mark Heike


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Captain Paragon story; Nightfall story; Boys’ Ranch story; B&WBill Black, Benjamin Smith, R.C. HarveyJim Sanders, Bill Black, Mark Heike, Jack Kirby