Dream Gold: Knights in the Dark City

    (ADV Manga, 2004)
™ and © 2003 Tatsurou Nakanishi

In Dark City, technology is a mix of science and sorcery, both of which are utilized by Kurorat Jio Clocks and his friend Katana to find the True Knight Key, last of a series of 250, possession of which bestows membership in the Treasure Investigation Department known as Knights. Finding it is only the beginning of their troubles, as Knights battle endlessly among themselves to determine who will find the legendary “Dream Gold”—though no attempt is ever made to explain exactly what it is.

Usually, a “treasure hunter” manga falls either into the category of a wild One Piece fantasy or warmed-over Tomb Raider riff, but this one gives the material its own spin that’s somewhere between Mr. X and The Maltese Falcon. The nice art features eclectic, angular figure work and nice design work when it comes to vehicle and props, but, while Dark City is a wonderfully realized locale, sadly, there’s precious little substance beneath its shiny surface (though it receives an extra star for the gratuitous use of sky pirates).

— S.A. Bennett

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