Doom: The Emperor Returns

    (Marvel, 2002)
™ and ©2002 Marvel Characters, Inc.

A follow-up to events stemming from the mega-crossovers of “Onslaught,” “Heroes Reborn” and “Heroes Return,” this mini-series revisits a parallel Earth created by Dr. Reed Richards’s son, Franklin Richards. A child mutant of immeasurable power, the Fantastic Four’s mascot Franklin created the world (which circles the sun in opposite orbit as the real Earth) to save all non-mutant heroes in the wake of the “Onslaught” onslaught. This series finds Dr. Doom stranded on this make-believe world after all of the heroes have returned to the real Earth with a device of his making. Doom is left with a world he can shape and rule as he sees fit. Action and mayhem ensue, as Doom sets out to recreate the world in his image. Writer Chuck Dixon and artist Leonardo Manco present the story against a backdrop of re-imagined Marvel Universe mainstays.

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