The Devil’s Brigade

 DEV8   (Avalon, 2000)

™ and ©2000 Roger Broughton

Yanks, Brits, Germans, Italians…all brought together in battle during World War II, in various parts of the world. But to British Major Terrance Graeme, the war is simple—and he and his tank, Mother, are ready to face all challenges, and keep the name of the defiant Devil’s Brigade alive in the hearts of his countrymen. Joined by an American Major and his men, the small force confronts a battle they must win, against the notorious Major Albert Krueger (”Smiling Albert”). Krueger has made his name from his destruction of Allied tanks, but Graeme is determined to see the man smile for the last time.

These and other such tales of heroism and struggle during war are at the heart of this classic series from the 1960s, collected and reprinted in black-and-white by ACG Comics.

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