Bru-Hed’s Breathtaking Beauties

    (Schism, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Schism Comics. Cover art ©1995 Dean Armstrong

Mike Pascale says it best in this book’s opening text piece, “Confessions of a Philogynist.” Mike says that this book is either one of two things, “1) an attractive art book devoted to glorifying the feminine form, the human imagination and the artistic spirit, or 2) a cheap, lame and opportunistic attempt to cash in on the lowest common denominator in a male-oriented marketplace. Actually, it’s a little of both.”

Perhaps the strangest part of book is that it exists at all. After all, it traces its origin to a character named Bru-Hed, a beer-guzzling lout with a gargantuan head set upon a tiny body. He hardly seems the type to be seen around such lovely women as these—at least not without having paid for the privilege. Nevertheless, the little guy’s creator, Mike Pascale, chose to let him come into contact with a flurry of fetching females, both as companions and as adversaries. It’s these beauties who are featured here in this one-shot pinup book.

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B&w pin-ups, cardstock coverMike PascaleDean Armstrong, Mike Pascale