The Outcast

    (Acclaim, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Acclaim Comics, Inc.

This is an interesting one-shot, although it may be hard to tell how it leads into the larger picture of the Acclaim Universe.

The story is of an alien spacecraft crashed on Earth, long before the dawn of man. In order to save himself in the new environment, the alien infused his essence into the first primate he saw, knowing that eventually the lifeform would evolve, and his consciousness would awaken.

Fast-forward millions of years, to where Lenny, a brain-damaged man discovers that he has an alien “other” self, which he can change into at will. What’s more, when the alien is in control, the effects of his brain damage are removed (although he appears in a form hideous to humans). Lenny now feels more alone than ever, particularly when he uses his heightened brainpower to read the final farewell note that his one friend left him as she left town.

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One-shotJesse BerdinkaNorm Breyfogle