Blanche Goes to Hollywood

 BGTH   (Dark Horse, 1993)

ô and ©1993 Rick Geary

(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

The whimsy and nostalgia forming the strongest threads of Rick Gearyís works are united in this tale of a new arrival in 1915 Hollywood. Blanche has come to assemble an orchestra for scoring movies, and her story is told as an illustrated letters home. By emphasizing the expanse of Los Angeles, the general naÔvetť, and the head of the film studio attempting to impart wholesome entertainment with a moral message, Geary implicitly contrasts them with todayís equivalents in a wistful fashion. Thereís an edge to the story, though, with agitation concerning the poor working conditions in the early picture industry, but for Geary itís more an occurrence for Blanche to witness than any comment. Itís all drawn in his gloriously simple, yet detailed style, and the conclusion hints at an era floating away. Magnificent. ~WJ

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