Bullets and Bracelets

    (Amalgam, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Marvel Characters, Inc. and DC Comics

Marvel and DC Comics combined their universes and jointly published twelve one-shot “Amalgam” comics which were intended to be issues of the adventures of the various combined characters. A marvel of publicity, it answered super-hero fans’ dreams about a Marvel/DC merger.

Bullets and Bracelets is the adventures of the team of Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) and The Punisher (Trevor Castle). The two had apparently been husband and wife in the Amalgam universe, but their union had come to tears after their first child was born. In this adventure, they reunite to find their baby who had been kidnapped by the Hand, although more nefarious forces including the villainous Thanoseid (read: Darkseid + Thanos) are masterminding the abduction. John Ostrander wrote, Gary Frank penciled, and Cam Smith inked.

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