(Vertigo, 1994)
ô and ©1994 DC Comics, Inc.

The three witches are characters that appear frequently throughout legend, most recently in the pages of Neil Gaimanís Sandman. The trio: Cynthia, Morgana, and Mildred, are now featured in a three-part mini-series of their own.

It begins in ancient Britain when their priestess is brutally murdered. Throughout history, each of the trio seeks a mortal to act as their instrument of revenge upon the reincarnated spirit of the murderer. In the first book, the young witch Cynthia attempts to aid a medieval bride escape a marriage to a sorcerous murderer. In the second, the mother, Morgana tries to maneuver Sir Richard Burton to kill the murderer incarnation in the late 19th century. Instead, Burton chooses to save his own future. Finally, it is Mildred the Crone who brings the quest to its bloody conclusion in modern London. Itís an interesting saga, but not one recommended for young readers.

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Covers form triptychJames RobinsonPeter Snejbjerg, Teddy Kristiansen

#1 Variation A

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Platinum edition; Covers form triptychJames RobinsonPeter Snejbjerg, Teddy Kristiansen


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Sex, violence-recommended for mature readers.James RobinsonMichael Zulli, Teddy Kristiansen


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 James RobinsonSteve Yeowell, Teddy Kristiansen

Book #1

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Introduction by Penelope SpheerisJames RobinsonPeter Snejbjerg, Michael Zulli, Steve Yeowell, Teddy Kristiansen