Tank Girl: The Odyssey

    (Vertigo, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Deadline Publications Limited, Jamie Hewlett, and Alan Martin

Sometimes, the problem isn’t getting there: it’s getting back home. Tank Girl was awash in a sea of fame after the story of her life was made into a movie. Now, she spends her time in Dublin pubs as a not-unwilling hostage of the CIA—the Calypso Irish Army. There, she whiles away the hours listening to calypso musicians and shoving food in her face (putting on quite a few pounds as a result).

Back home at Chateau Tank Girl, her lover Booga the Kangaroo is left at home to raise their son, Tele, by himself. It’s hard too, since Booga is constantly wooed by film agents wanting to sign him to exclusive deals. In the midst of the chaos, Tele sent a message across the airwaves to his long-lost mum: “Come home!”

She heard, and like Ulysses in The Odyssey, she began the long journey back, with detours in the Netherworld, a morgue, and not a few pubs.

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Tank Girl: The Odyssey Remastered Edition; Collects Tank Girl: The OdysseyPeter MilliganJamie Hewlett