Blade (Buccaneer)

 BLAN   (Buccaneer, 1989)

™ and ©1989 Buccaneer Publications

This black-and-white series from Buccaneer Publications tells the story of a genetically enhanced, sword-wielding ninja-type who has finally left behind the corporation that created him and the government agency he worked for and set out to find his family. Of course, as we all know, in fiction, you just can’t escape those corporations and government agencies; once they’ve genetically enhanced you, they want you to earn your…um…enhancements. Thus, our anti-hero Blade finds himself at once on the run and in pursuit. Somewhat pedestrian, to be sure, but the early artwork from such stalwarts as Tony Harris (Starman) and Craig Hamilton (Aquaman) is certainly worth a look!

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 Sean MercerTony Harris


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 Sean MercerTony Harris