Legend of Isis: Beginnings

    (Alias, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Darren G. Davis & Alias Enterprises, LLC

In ancient Egypt, Isis loves her betrothed Osiris and is transported to modern times by her evil sister (we see them engage in a gladiator girl fight essentially identical to the one from The Mummy Returns) where—nothing much happens. While trying to find a way home, Isis makes a half-hearted stab at crime-fighting, and meets a well-intentioned cop in the process; at a museum, she finds her magic weapon, The Staff of Luxor, and uses it to defeat a monster. Then, suddenly, she’s sucked into a mediocre super-team book where our lead gets buried by such Alias Comics “worthies” as Atlas and the 10th Muse.

In the end, the only thing we’ve learned about Isis is she’s pretty (it’s never even made clear whether she’s supposed to be a warrior or a goddess), so it’s impossible to empathize with her or her situation. I liked the cover, though, even if, as in the less attractive interiors, an ancient Egyptian warrior is made to look like a white Middle American pole dancer.

— S. A. Bennett

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 Darren G. Davis, Ryan Ottley, Marv WolfmanR.V. Valdez, Frank Kills, Ferdinand Gertes, Roger Cruz