Frank Ironwine (Warren Ellis’…)

    (Avatar, 2004)
™ and © 2004 Warren Ellis

Aging Detective Frank Ironwine is a typical Warren Ellis character: hard drinker, irascible, and a smoker. When Detective Karen De Groot is assigned as his new partner, she wonders who in the administration doesn’t like her. Things only get worse when she discovers Ironwine’s methods are as effective as they are maddening. In this case the victim is Gary Eigler, 32. Gary’s just had his head bashed in by something heavy. Ironwine and De Groot reconstruct the victim’s behavior to uncover a dumpster full of lies, violence, and twisted sexuality.

Frank Ironwine is part of Apparat, a series of stories exploring what comics might be like today if superheroes never emerged and comics were all modern variations on the pulps that dominated fiction in the 1930s. Other Apparat titles include Angel Stomp Future, Simon Spector, and Quit City.

— Jerry Smith

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