Fade From Grace

 FAFG   (Beckett, 2004-2005)

™ and © Beckett Comics

Published by a company best known for its sports card price guides, Fade from Grace is the gently told, highly accessible tale of John and Grace, who are truly in love. Their love manifests itself through overt heroism (a rescue from a burning building), self-sacrifice (a selfless decision that gives the issue its enticing ending), and playful moments (a jog to the store to get ice cream and a frolic in the water with a beloved dog).

Fade from Grace marries (so to speak) romanticism and super-heroics with graceful ease, leaning on the power of Grace to narrate the tale from a sympathetic viewpoint. She doesn’t nag John about the distracting nature of his new–found powers (which seem to appear during times of intense exertion) and she doesn’t cajole him into using them for any specific purpose. She simply encourages him to grow as a person—an all too uncommon trait for many a married couple.

The romantic story complemented by stylish art, rich coloring, and slick paper is a bargain at 99˘.

— George Haberberger

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