Black Plague

 BID4   (Keenspot, 2002)

ô and © Keenspot

Black Plague is Keenspot Comicsí first non-reprint series and is created by Paul Southworth, known for his online comic strip Krazy Larry. Itís a gross-out super-hero parody starring Black Plague, an angry sort of hero whose power is to give someone a disease. Any disease. Heís joined in his Quixotic quests by his brother, Jimmy the Leper, whoís fond of tearing off body parts, throwing them at enemies, then sewing them back on.

Fans of this sort of disgusting humor will no doubt find enjoyment from this comic book. On the other hand, those in the entertainment industry who have used vulgarity successfully have usually managed to evoke laughter by transcending such humor. Southworth doesnít manage that. Instead, the comic book seems mired in its own sickness.

Word to the wise: Nazi aquatic sea life isnít funny, at least not the way itís presented here. Itís almost as if Southworth forgot the punch line. Perhaps this comic book improves as it progresses; as it stands, itís just not very funny.

ó Steve Horton

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