Swamp Fever

    (Big Muddy, 1973)
™ and © 1972 Big Muddy Comics

A humorous and psychedelic look at life in the Mississippi Delta, this 70s black & white comic is all about fun. Mostly fueled by drug-induced visions and “trips,” the short stories tell the tale of swampy hoodoo voodoo, dark discoveries and downright strangeness. In the first tale of the book, a woman disposes of her butterfly-studying husband in the depths of a quicksand pit. She is seen by one of the local residents and is eventually sacrificed to one of the devil lords of the swamp. Another of the book’s four cartoon tales tells the story of Professor Riekart Von Libby and his psychedelic mushroom chomping alter-ego, Barefoot Alfonzo, noted adventurer and explorer of the American landscape. All in all a humorous read and a great look into the independent scene of comics that were being published in the early 1970s era of Vietnam, Watergate and the Anti-Establishment movement.

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 Dany Frolich, Sol WrightDany Frolich, Sol Wright