Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset

    (America’s Best, 2001-2002)
™ and ©2001 America’s Best Comics LLC

Swamp Thing collaborators Alan Moore (Watchmen, Tom Strong) and Rick Veitch (1963) teamed up yet again for another winning creation when they created Greyshirt, a dapper, Shadow-like character who was a mainstay of Moore’s Tomorrow Stories anthology series. In Indigo Sunset, Greyshirt takes center stage as the lead character in a series of short stories taken from various points in his stylish, crime-fighting life. Like many of Moore’s comic stories of the late 1990s, Veitch (taking over writing as well as the art chores in this series) also spoofs the formats of many different comic genres, from a Little Archie-styled tale of a young Greyshirt, to an EC-Comics flavored tale of suspense interspersed with faux newspaper clippings. The result is great storytelling that sheds a little light on a very mysterious hero, and which is more than a worthy addition to the America’s Best Comics line.

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 Alan Moore, Rick VeitchRick Veitch


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 Alan MooreRick Veitch, Russ Heath


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 Rick VeitchJohn Severin, Rick Veitch


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