Painkiller Jane/Darkchylde

 PAJD   (Event, 1998)

ô and ©1998 Quesada & Palmiotti. Darkchylde ©1998 Randy Queen & Makestic Graphics

Beautiful, scantily-clad young women are being held captive in a castle in an otherworldly place by loincloth-sporting VíArk, Master of the Nightmare Realm; they have been imprisoned for the purpose of satisfying his every need. Enter Ariel Chylde-a.k.a. Darkchylde, part scantily-clad young woman and part demon, she finds herself in the Nightmare Realm in someone elseís dream and doesnít know why. Fortunately, gun-for-hire Painkiller Janeís dreams draw her into the same world, and Jane knows just what to do: kick some serious booty and free the slave-girls.

This entertaining one-shot from Event Comics is written by Brian Augustyn (Flash, X-O Manowar) and drawn by J.G. Jones (Black Widow). Itís well worth the price of admission.

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No copies available
European Preview bookBrian AugustynJ.G. Jones

#0 Variation A

5 copies available from $3.50
European Preview book; DFE; JG Jones Cover (same as 1/B but w/ same preview book markings as the other preview book. European edition marking on bottom right hand corner)Brian AugustynJ.G. Jones


6 copies available from $1.50
 Brian Augustyn, Randy QueenJ.G. Jones

#1 Variation A

3 copies available from $6.45
DFE Omnichrome edition with COABrian AugustynJ.G. Jones

#1 Variation B

5 copies available from $7.70
DFE alternate coverBrian AugustynJ.G. Jones

#1 Variation C

No copies available
Signed editionBrian AugustynJ.G. Jones

#1 Variation D

1 copy available for $0.70
Women standing atop pile of womenBrian AugustynJ.G. Jones

#1 Variation E

3 copies available from $1.48
Same cover as the DFE (1\A) edition but without the DF logo on itBrian Augustyn, Randy QueenJ.G. Jones

Ashcan #1

No copies available
DF Exclusive; SketchesBrian Augustyn, Randy QueenJ.G. Jones