Kiss of Death

 KIOD   (Acme, 1987)

and 1987 Acme Press

This three-part black-and-white mini-series continues the long tradition of horror comics by offering up several chilling tales each issue. The only issue of this series features three stories. One is the tale of a husband who brings home a blood-thirsty plant as a birthday present for his unfaithful, domineering wife. Then, there is the tale of a whirlwind which forever alters the life of two friends. And finally, hunters learn the harsh truth of what it means to become the hunted as they encounter a fierce some beast and an age-old curse. Scratchy, sometimes muddied, artwork sets the somber mood for these stories propelling readers into worlds better left in the realm of fiction.

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 Dick Hanson, John WatkissJohn Watkiss


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 Dick Hanson, John WatkissJohn Watkiss