Blackhawk (2nd Series)

    (DC, 1988)
ô and ©1987 DC Comics, Inc.

Janos Prohaska, better known as Blackhawk, was the heroic leader of Blackhawk Squadron during World War II. He swiftly went from hero to villain when he was accused of having ties to the Communists before the war. Gone were the high-flying days of his past. His next battles would be filled with subterfuge and Cold War paranoia.

As a result of Senate investigations, Blackhawk lost his citizenship and was forced into exile in Britain. While there, he was recruited to stop old foe Sir Death, a Nazi sympathizer working with a ring of latter-day fascists. This group had succeeded in tricking Jewish mobsters into stealing a package from the U.S. army and selling it them. As it turned out, the package was an atomic bomb.

In Howard Chaykinís remake of a classic war hero, the line between the good guys and the bad guys is no longer clear. Whatís certain is that the stakes are higher than ever.

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