Shotgun Mary (1st Series)

    (Antarctic, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Ben Dunn and Antarctic Press

Gun-totin’, hog-ridin’ vigilante nun Shotgun Mary is savin’ souls like nobody’s business in this three-issue limited series from Herb Mallette and Joseph Wight.

The Tuyranev family is making sacrifices of young women to hellish dark masters, and Shotgun Mary is dead-set on stopping their little game. After a good bit of detective work, she finds her way to their den of evil, but the demon that climbs out of hell in answer to the Tuyranevs’ prayers may be more than even our favorite nun-with-a-gun can handle.

The story is fairly standard horror fare, and the artwork is a bit dark and murky; but fans who enjoy such dark subject matter should enjoy Shotgun Mary.

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 Herb MalletteJoseph Wight

#1 Variation A

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Comic Cavalcade Exclusive Commemorative Edition (Silver Foil Enhanced Cover)Herb MalletteJoseph Wight

#1 Collector’s Set

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CD edition; Includes CD of musicHerb MalletteJoseph Wight

#1 Special Cover

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Alternate cover  


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 Herb MalletteJoseph Wight, Pat Duke


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Exists?Herb MalletteJoseph Wight