Legion of the Stupid-Heroes

 LOT9   (Blackthorne, 1987)

™ and ©1987 Taylor Overbey

Someone wants to kill off the Legion’s heroes. First Nom-El was converted into a sugary puddle called Eda-Nom-El (read the names backward to get the joke). Then Badtman and Boobin were evicted from their Badt-Cave by some unscrupulous publisher. Later, Boobin would be murdered by a shadowy little man, and die before he could name the killer.

After each murder, a new, incredibly lame, replacement hero would suddenly appear: Bloatboy, Elementary Lad…These losers were slowly but surely converting the Legion into a Legion of Stupid-Heroes. Who could possibly hate heroes so much as to foist these indignities upon them?

Legion of the Stupid-Heroes is a one-shot spoof of the way big publishers had been killing off their classic heroes in the late eighties to boost sales. Although it was published in 1987, the trend shows no sign of abating today.

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