Mother Superion

 MOT6   (Antarctic, 1997)

™ and © 1997 Antarctic Press

Areala, from the Order of the Warrior Nun, has lost a hand in battle. Frustrated, she laments the cruelty of God to the Order’s leader, the elderly Mother Superion. “How is this in God’s plan?” she cries. Areala soon discovers that she has had it relatively easy, as Mother Superion reveals some of her own unfortunate past. At one time a young, skilled, and very promising warrior nun herself, Mother Superion endured a series of events that made her into the ghostly and aged figure she is now. Her tale—one of demons, ghosts, pain, and loss—teaches Areala something about what tragedy truly is. It may be hard to understand the workings of God, but it is even more crucial to combat power that rises from other sources.

Written and painted in spooky detail by Patrick Kelley, this one-shot spun off from the Warrior Nun title is published by Antarctic Press.

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